Warning Information Signs

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Mandatory signs for your business

True to its name, warning and regulatory signage are signs that are mandatory in certain environments. Usually in blue, these safety messages urge people to take required action. They are not only required by law, but also maintain the safety and well-being of office employees and visitors.

Whether you’re looking at aluminium or reflective vinyl, we can craft the perfect safety sign for you. With proper warning and regulatory signs, accidents and hazards can be easily averted.

Warning signs are not just installed to avert a hazard but also to instruct a visitor or employee as to what to do in times of an emergency. A simple caution sign such as ‘wet floor’ can prevent people from slipping.

The simplicity of warning and regulatory signs makes them an absolute necessity.

The safety of your employees lies in your hands. The first step to protecting their interest starts with clear signage on every floor of your office.


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